Behavioural Retail Sales Training

Building retail sales requires not just a great product and an impactful marketing plan delivering customers to your store. You’ll also need robust sales training designed to enable your team to ensure maximum conversion of these visitors into customers.

Given the current market scenario, it takes more and more to bring a customer to your store, much less buy your products at the prices you need to stay in business. Left poorly trained or untrained, retail staff will do little more than directing customers to counters, showing products asked for and worse, hounding customers out of the store. The salesperson oftentimes becomes a glorified delivery person. Little wonder then, that retailers world over constantly grapple with lower conversion rates.

With behavioural retail sales training, the focus is on behavioural skills required to establish rapport with a customer so that trust is established. This enables presentation of relevant product knowledge as required to satisfy customer’s needs. More importantly, understanding of cues to quickly close and convert the browser into a customer. Focussed rapport building translates into unforgettable customer service experiences. As with any skill building behavioural change, iterative learning is the key.

To bring this to a cohesive whole, Area/ Retail/ Territory/ Store managers also need to develop specific behaviours which make for success, as well understand key personal behavioural derailers which unwittingly lead to failure – both at the operational and interpersonal levels. Identifying areas of development around these key essential behaviour traits is crucial for development.

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