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A career we presume is the province of the individual professional. It turns out that organizations have a great say as employer in the way your career will be planned or managed! We live in times, when individuals like to exercise more say in what they will enjoy at work, than in any time in human history. Depending on the motives for security, expertise, variety, creativity or ascension, the durations a professional spends in roles are known to vary in the order of years. In fact, those limited in exposure, do not take horizons beyond months in their career plans!

Have you felt that despite company job postings, tuition reimbursements and lateral job postings, you're not in your element for the most part? Yes, individuals not only own their concept of career more than before, they also need to manage to plans that employers will be inspired by! Dual ladders and corporate training programs may have their place only when you are yourself anchored in life themes that form enjoyable investments of your motivations and interests. The difficulty is compounded by corporate insecurity and uncertainty in investing in the development of the majority of their employees. They cherry pick people to invest in based on corporate criteria leaving large numbers of people with potential without any formal support.

We've facilitated career journeys for 100s of professionals since our incorporation. Dr. Joseph's coachees continue to engage him for developmental insights despite changing their jobs and locations. We also offer baseline measurements for career coaching brands such as Recharge My Career. These measurements aid the coach and coachee in goal setting and focusing on priority development areas in the coaching process. With measurements that filter more than 600 vocations, we offer clarity and rationale to dimensions that your preferences indicate. Some real examples may convince you? Read further and write to us for more detail.

Caselet 1 : A student of architecture realised mid-way through her internship, that the career she first wanted through architecture did not interest her. Internship was an eye-opener. Her parents were also concerned after much investment in her education. On taking a career assessment backed with facilitating her neurological basis of identity and purpose, she was relieved of her anxiety. She focused on her interests, than worry about her stressed involvement with her course. The student's feelings were genuine, thanks to the internship reality. She went on to be a student of Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, Atlanta (with tuition grants from the University).

Caselet 2 : A former leadership development coachee got stuck in a high-tech career, because the employer was abandoning an approach that required deep expertise in his skills. Due to rapid change in service delivery mechanisms of the IT world, the expertise needed to be repurposed, and that too in a narrowing job-market. Workplace Catalysts measurements enabled this passionate professional to prioritize mindful courage as an area of development. With focus and balancing of risk-taking and the monitoring of pitfalls in the work environment , the professional has transitioned of his own to a new employer, where emerging technology could be married with past experience and expertise.

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