Organisation Development

Organisations in the fast lane credit technological advances or business model change for the only outcomes in human capabilities. Breakdowns in human systems go undetected until 'blow-ups' occur from 'creeping problems' – problems unattended to in human dynamics at the workplace. Lack of competitiveness is a typical symptom of organisation effectiveness going untended. Human capabilities come alive in conditions that employees together create, especially, when supported to do so. Creating space and value for such productive learning is what we can help with through Organisation Development (OD).

OD has a specific connotation though. OD is a behavioural sciences application of comprehensive and long-term nature. Methodically designed and facilitated, it addresses individual, group and organisational effectiveness over a period of about 18 to 24months. Change agency in OD includes

  • Pertinent diagnosis
  • Relevant design of interventions and
  • Skilful facilitation between organisational systems

Clients will experience capability building through OD in wholesome ways that stays and grows further within their organisations long after the consultant is gone.

Dr. Joseph George A, of Workplace Catalysts, LLP has uniquely evaluated Organisation Development through the Parallel Organisation lens. He is also certified under stalwarts from the NTL (National Training Laboratories, USA) traditions and is an involved member of the Indian OD community.

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