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We are a young company with the blend of experience and expertise to serve discerning clients with value from contemporary behavioral sciences. Co-founded by Dr. Joseph George A and Ann Joseph, in November 2011, it enjoys relationships with world renowned partners in development of people and organisations. Situated in Bangalore, India, The objectives of Workplace Catalysts LLP include

  • Providing consultative services including Organisation Development through the application of behavioural sciences at the level of the individual, group and organisation with an aim to enable performance of its clients
  • Providing services in behavioural assessment and training, including designing and facilitating customised training programs in areas such as customer engagement, selling & negotiation, and communication skills.
  • Developmental Coaching
  • Developing content for behavioural training and formulating designs for its effective delivery
  • Research in the behavioural sciences, and disseminating relevant insights

We intend to provide services to a select variety of client sectors including the public, private and NGO sectors. Our intention is to serve viably than to scale operations. This will keep the quality of the offerings in good standing as the service is premised on the commitment and service of competent, skilled and experienced professionals. We will be networked with service partners for complementary tools and technologies to leverage benefits of access and convenience. Managing Intellectual Property arising out of the above in accordance with prevailing law will be a responsibility of Workplace Catalysts.

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