Leadership Development

Workplace Catalysts offers Leadership Development for organisations through whom individual leaders experience personal growth and mutual accountability to orchestrate performance.

Discovering the self is as much as being in the service of others.Leadership is a choice for the individual, and a commitment towards others.Yet, leader development is often confused with Leadership Development. Leader development is about individual capability in top-down heroism. Organisations that prosper foster both character and capability through conscious effort. Leadership Development moves beyond the individual to the organisational system in which leadership is a distributed capacity.

We enable individuals and groups in organisations to uncover paradoxical constraints to their effectiveness. We have both the experience and the expertise to measure leadership potential using world-class tools. Having data of predictors and derailersof people is yet only a part of the picture.Contextualising such data sensitively is where we add to your insights. Changing others is Radicalism. Changing oneself is Idealism. Becoming oneself is the essence of Being.We draw on theory and practical experience in leadership identity, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), systems thinking and polarity management to make for positive impact in Leadership Development.

In our approach, leadership development is a process, and not just the appearance of a series of events. We blend development designs including Action Learning Projects, Leadership Mirror Exercises and Coaching for wholesome development.Our multi-sensory learning designs ensure high-impact leadership development. Depending on location of talent pools in the organisation, and the nature of challenges in its context, Leadership Development services could be for 12 to 18 months duration.

Our Offerings

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