Customer Engagement

With increasing choices available for the customer and more marketers vying for the same dwindling and discerning customer base, engaging the customer with the company, brand and even with each other has become vital to the survival of the organisation. Workplace Catalysts studies the existing customer engagement process in an organisation and offers customer engagement strategies which may be applied at two levels.

Firstly, strategies to engage the customer during the selling process. This impacts and drives immediate sales, makes the customer feel involved in the buying process and serves as the start of a relationship based on rapport and trust. Secondly, strategies to build long term relationships with customers through post sale engagements with customer. This keeps interactions alive between the organisation and customer after the sale has happened, and builds long term value.

The focus of our efforts is to build within the organisation, the ability to engage with customers with the view to building long term relationships. That is when the customer will find value for the engagement and become loyal to the brand and organisation, giving repeat business.

Our Offerings

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