What will it
take to be a top
performing entrepreneur?

Will you enjoy what successful
entrepreneurs do to
make impact?
Are you
willing to
assess your typical
behavioural tendenceis
and preferences to check for
suitaibility to the entrepreneurial role?

Are you willing to be influenced to
hone your personal impact
enough to develop a data
based developmental

Fitness Diagnostics

Entrepreneurs most likely to fail, trip on a few tendencies inimical to success. The good news is that today, such tendencies can be assessed in behavioral terms, and you can work to avoid those with practice of the more requisite behavior. Before we go there, let’s understand what makes for Entreprenurial Orientation.

1. Autonomy :

The desire for independent decision making is not just a matter of early initiative and freedom from organizational routine. It is a sociological process, where the entrepreneur makes a stamp of individuality. It’s a personal differentiation from the ‘crowd’, to be distinctly achieving what others seldom consider doing. This is a psychological identity marker for the entrepreneur.

2. Proactiveness :

Being the first to take lead may be similar characteristic with that of a leader. Fusing the optimism for the future, with the tendency to rally others to your cause makes for a proactiveness typical of entrepreneurship.

3. Risk-Taking :

Entrepreneurs take not merely financial risks. They take characteristically psychological risks in setting paths that they wish to chart inpersonal ways. The distinction of risk-raking from impulse is not a cultivated capability in society.

4. Competitive Aggressiveness :

Entrepreneurs tend to compete with peer in industry. The appetite for challenge is to be matched with a desire for deiciosn making responsibility. Merely proceeding on a sense of initative may not yeild in outcomes that make for comeptitiveness.

5. Innovation :

The fine balance between trying out new ideas and being open to new ways of doing things, AND the endurance to persist with a new idea leads to innovation. Idea spotting in venture conceptualization and venture operationalization have dissimilar impact. To track the such typical entrepreneurial orientation attributes, we assess more than 175 aspects within a respondent to provide you with actionable insights.

Role Suitability

In a market economy, almost anyone is eligible to set up a business venture. Discover the Essential and Desirable behaviors that spell success along with tendencies known to derail entrepreneurial success.

Development Planning

After role specific assessment, set yourself up on a development plan to stay glued to success.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Get the benefit of sanctity from a certified debriefer and an accomplished researcher of Entreprenuerial Orientation. A versatile coach with CXO exposure and experience across the world.

Service Features
and Benefits

Entrepreneurs live a lonely internal world, and may miss out on perspectives that matter to their effectiveness. While they are supposed to be outgoing and available to their stakeholders, their negotiation through their networks of influence involves several paradoxical tendencies. E.g. They generally keep a number of relationships warm, and yet find difficulty developing genuine connect in relationships that are instrumental to their personal impact.

Process Requirements

  • Your willingness to sign up for the process
  • An email address to index your personalized assessment
  • A postal address for billing you
  • Honesty in the assessment response process


As the process implies, each individual is unique. The entrepreneur’s personal context is what the coach will tune into.

Service your

To excel at what you enjoy is to find your sweet spot in life. To enjoy success as an entrepreneur is to fine tune your behavioral preferences for requirements in the role.


Beyond identifying your life themes, preferred focus areas and strengths, you may also like to deepen your developmental focus areas. We’ll develop a turnkey package for you and your organization’s effectiveness on mutual calibration of the need. visit us on the Web at: www.workplacecatalysts.com

Some other highlights:

1. Get assessed for at least 15 derailer tendencies that
entrepreneurs need to avoid on the way to success.

2. Amplify your intent in changes you wish to bring to the world
through enhancing Positive Emotional Attractors.

3. Identify Life Themes that drive your passion and make a Personal Balance Sheet to realize your Vision.
We bring to you the most contemporary blend of Gestalt (German for ‘whole’) based personal assessment (with a reliability score), and neurologically sound coaching. Take the benefit of professional expertise that blends personal insights you bring to the process into institution building required for your venture to bloom. This is a process where you are still in charge! Yet, it is you who will want to gain perspective from contemporary measurement.