Measurement Platform

Measurements can become a fool's errand, they say. The essence is not about measuring for measurement sake, or for mindless benchmarking. It's about measuring in the context of a successive refinement loop, and running the successive refinement loop in the context of a fully instrumented management operating system. This is leadership logic, not 'theory' per se. It is about the ends leaders seek. The goals of the people side and the profit side of business are in fact complementary.

Employee involvement is a force that drives performance outcomes. In the best organizations, engagement is more than a human resources initiative -- it is a strategic foundation for the way they do business. When treated tactically, this foundation weakens due to shallow belongingness or contracts of subsistence.

Moving from one initiative to another may mark action or activity, without guaranteeing commitment of employees to the strategy of the firm. A tactical approach ensures a need to basis for behaviors, than a sense of challenge to learn and achieve the future respectful of a big-picture understanding of the marketplace. In less effective organisations, traditional aspects of efficiency will also drop beyond a threshold. So with ORG 360, Workplace catalysts leads you to insights on wha kind of employee drive leads to the practices that aid or take away from Stewardship, Passion/engagement and Customer service orientation.

With process facilitation, interlock between team roles and functional roles are great distinctions when interactions are the root of group dynamics. The Belbin Team roles reports are packed with individual counselling advice and Team role guidance. Workplace Catalysts will customise facilitation to contexts, such that team participants (normally 10-15 in all) get accurate indications of how interactions and formal responsibility overlap and diverge in real experience. Our interventions post-measurement will aid individual and team effectiveness.

Person-job fits are rarely thought of as measurable to the point of accuracy and reliability. The Harrison’s assessment methodology is a wholesome hybrid of mathematical matrices, Gestalt psychology and the yin-and-yang paradoxes, as also job analysis and trait theory. When blended with life interests and work preference measurements, the distinctions between conventional job eligibility and person suitability comes alive for users at a great investment to return ratio. The HATS methodology also helps Workplace Catalysts to offer insightful coaching experiences.


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